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Companies who intend to participate 2024 INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS (SHANGHAI) EXHIBITION, must understand the rules, terms and conditions posted on www.cpcashow.com. Organizer has the right to use or put this information to the other institutions, as a promotion for 2024 INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS (SHANGHAI) EXHIBITION.

The exhibitor undertakes that the exhibits and services to be exhibited are within the scope of the exhibits listed in the exhibition and approved by the organizer. The exhibitor's exhibits are strictly prohibited from counterfeiting trademarks and infringing other people's patents. The exhibitor shall not sublet or lend the booth to a third party.


Booth Selection

1, Priority is given to the Exhibitors who apply for 2024 exhibition within 2023 exhibition period (on or before 24th MAR 2023).
2, To be qualified to select a booth, the exhibitor must finalize all deposit within the specified time;
3, Detailed arrangement for booth selection is displayed on www.cpcashow.com and will be announced later .


Booth Selection Rules 

· Give priority to large area booth
· If the area is the same, first come first serve rule applied
· If conditions are the same, the organizer will give priority for those companies whose deposit arrives earlier.



1. If you wish to participate in the form of Co-exhibitors in 2024 exhibition when submitting a booth application, please send all exhibitors application forms, and provide relevant documentary evidence. Exhibits should also be related. All documents need to be approved by the organizer.

2. Co-exhibitors requirementTwo companies: 8 booths or moreThree companies: 12 booths or moreFour companies: 20 booths or moreFive companies or moreCo-exhibitors are not allowed

3. Co-exhibitors must follow Co-exhibitors rules published by the organizer. For more details, please contact the organizer. The organizer will retain all rights and the right to refuse the applications.



1. After receiving the exhibitor's booth application form, if the application is approved by the organiser, a payment notice will be sent by email. Exhibitors are required to pay the booth deposit within five working days, which is 50% of the total booth fee. (advance deposit 1000RMB per 9 square meters is also countable) Booth selection is applicable only after all the deposit has been paid. All or balance of booth fees must be paid before 31 DEC 2023, If the exhibitor fails to pay the booth fee by the above date, the organizer will consider the exhibitor has not completed the payment, the booth reservation is considered invalid, and the paid deposit will not be refunded.

2. Deposit or full payment paid is not transferable and refundable for other use.

3. If all payments have been made, cancellation before 5th JAN 2024, 50 % of total booth fee is refundable, no refunds for the cancellation after this date.

4. Registration after 1st JAN 2024, full booth payment applies.

5. Indoor space does not include the pavilion building management fee. Please indicate on the Booth Application Form for the construction of double-deck booth if applicable. The additional double-deck fee is 30% of the raw space charge. All double-deck booths must be approved by a special safety audit process. Please visit www.cpcashow.com for more details or please contact the organiser.

6. Member discount rate only applies in the booth application period and it is only for valid member. In addition to CPCA member’s price, other WECC members include EIPC, ELCINAHKPCA, IPC, IPCA, JPCA, KPCA, THPCA, TPCA  have their discount rates.


The organiser reserves the right to refuse a booth application, and reserves final decision right on distribution and exhibition booths or other relevant arrangements. All Exhibitor should comply above rules.





Exhibition Contacts


CPCA Exhibition Department 


Shanghai Ying Zhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. 

E-mail: cpcashow@ying-zhan.com 

Official QQ: 800055702

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