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Shanghai Ying Zhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., a joint-venture with Hong Kong investment, was founded in March, 1997 inShanghai. With the great efforts in the past decade, we have  expanded our business development, company size and economic profit and enjoyed great fame in exhibition and electronic field.


Over the years, we have aimed to provide a holistic and need-satisfying solution to customers with advanced strategies and efficient implementation. We have dedicated to help our customers have an invincible position in the fierce competition so as to realize our common value and attain a double-win.


Mainly concentrated on business consultation and exhibition service, we commit ourselves to assist our customers with marketing development and various conferences and exhibitions. As the member of China Printed Circuit Association and Shanghai Exhibition Association, we enjoy a great publicity in both electronic profession and exhibition trade. Since the founding, we have been successful in organizing yearly international exhibitions such as International Electronic Circuits Exhibition(Shanghai), China International Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Exhibition and China International Cleanrooms Technology and Equipment Exhibition. Besides, we are now the sole agency in China for KPCA (held in Seoul, South Korea), and China International Hardware Trading Expo (held in Shanghai, China).


A close relationship has been established with professional associations and organizations such as, CPCA, WECC, IPC, JPCA, EFIP, EIPC, VdL, PCIF, CEMA, IPCA, TPCA, HKPCA, Shanghai Association on Water Purification Technology and Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association. We get the recognition and support from the related organizations. Some exhibitors from Britain, Italy and South Korea have even been specially financed by their respective governments.


Presently, we have agencies in USA, Japan, Britain, Germany and South Korea. Our customers distribute in USA, Britain, France, Germany, Netherland, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Canada, Luxemburg, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, Hong Kong (China) and Taiwan (China).


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